Introducing South Wake Park

A regional park in southern Wake County will fill a geographical void in the current Wake County Parks & Recreation Master Plan, which envisions county-wide parks and open spaces that promote both passive and active recreation and leisure. This project proposes to convert the former Crooked Creek Golf Course property on Hilltop-Needmore Road into such a park for southern Wake County. This unique property of level greenways, waterways, and hilltop vistas offers endless possibilities as a regional park, hereafter referred to as South Wake Park.  Because many of the components of a park are already in place, this 220+ acre property would require much less time to develop and would save millions of dollars in building costs compared to starting from raw land.  

Benefits of the features of this property

  • There are 4.5 miles of well-maintained paved trails, including bridges over streams and other waterways.  
  • The property includes established drainage and beautiful streams, wetlands, and ponds.
  • Electricity and plumbing exists throughout the property, including two restroom facilities along the trails.
  • A community center/office building with a kitchen, bathrooms, showers, and meeting rooms is already in place.
  • It is a safe area for a park, with all of the grounds visible from homes in the community.

Benefits of the geographical location of this property

  • The proposed park is located in a growing area that is densely populated with families who would make good use of a park.     
  • It adjoins a proposed elementary school, where area children and teachers would have easy access to the park offering opportunities to enhance educational experiences.
  • The proposed park could provide direct access to the already existing and planned greenways provided by the Wake County Greenway System Plan. This plan details the formation of a county-wide system of nature preserves with paved trails that interconnect greenways and parks across the 12 municipalities that make up Wake County.   

Quality of Life Vision

The proposed South Wake Park will go a long way towards fulfilling a vision that enhances the quality of life available to all of the citizens of Wake County, making it an appealing place to live, work, and play. Currently there is a significant gap in southern Wake County. This proposal fills that gap. The extent to which this enhances the quality of life available to all of the citizens of southern Wake County is almost impossible to overstate. As discussed in the greenway system plan and supported by their research and the comments received during the process of updating the plan, recreation and fitness benefits are by far the most important (cited by 95%), followed by access to nature (cited by 86%). Ready access to biking and hiking trails is what makes these greenway access benefits possible. Habitat and environmental protection benefits are cited by 47% and economic development and general quality of life benefits are cited by 51%.