Past Events

Great volunteers made this Walk the Park Event a lot of fun and a huge success.

Walk the Park

Walk the Park was the first event held by the South Wake Park Project way back in May 2017 to introduce this beautiful land to local residents. It was a great day with over 300 people coming out to tour the 4.5 miles of trails throughout the property.


Stroller Rally

The Stroller Rally was the second event held by the South Wake Park Project volunteers to highlight how stroller friendly the paths around this property are for families with little children. Many activity stations were setup around the property where parents could stop and let their children play games. It was a blast!


Presentation to Wake County Commissioners

In August 2017, a presentation was made to the commissioners during their workshop meeting on the many benefits of converting this former golf course property to a county park. 300 enthusiastic supporters filled the county board room and we won over enough commissioners to have Wake County eventually purchase thr property for a future park.